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   WE'VE RELOCATED!!!! OUR NEW ADDRESS IS 1302 Glenwood Ave.

We welcome all of your "kinky" questions. Natural hair care is a science and not knowing the facts can keep you from acheiving your hair goals.  Our stylists can help you get back on track if you have had breakage or help you achieve hair goals such as longer, thicker hair. Here are some very basic tips.


Detangle natural hair after shampooing and deep conditioning.  Fasten hair into sections and detangle each section. Detangled hair is easier to style and you are less likely to cause damage while styling.

Comb or brush dry brittle hair. Hydrate your hair first with a deep condition or by spraying on a hydrating mixture if on the go. Check your shoulders, if you see longer strands of hair that is most likely normal shedding. If you see short uneven pieces this could be breakage.


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